“I fought for integrity at the ballot box. I did it because, like you, I believe every legal vote should count.

I testified before a Georgia House committee and appeared all over the national news about the things that I saw. The election and everything that happened showed that we need conservative fighters who will stand up for Georgia and our country.

That’s why I’m running for the State House…”

As a native of Northwest Georgia, our values have shaped my life. It’s time for conservatives to:

Protect the Second Amendment and advance constitutional carry in Georgia 

Defend 100% pro-life values and always vote to protect the unborn

Shut down the sick and twisted Critical Race Theory trying to divide our children

Stand with our small businesses and working families

Fight to ensure Georgians never need to show a vaccine passport

Stop the flood of illegal immigrants and I’ll always stand for a secure border

Back our law enforcement and ensure the Atlanta crime spree stays out of Northwest Georgia

“My bottom line is this… we need someone in the State House who stands for our values. Someone who has and still will support President Trump’s America First agenda. A conservative fighter who won’t ever back down.”